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A colleague of mine said the other day – not jokingly – that he comes up with 5 new ideas every day while in the shower – so i thought: I can do that: Here’s today 5 new ideas:

  1. Weight Loss Idea 1 – a scale which never shows an increase in weight. Normally, when you step on a scale, it will report your current weight. For those who are on a diet, seeing that weight go back up – even if its a normal fluxuation,  will get very discouraged and possibly stop dieting. This scale checks your current weight against your last recorded weight and simply shows the lower figure.
  2. Weight Loss idea 2 – a scale like the above, but which reports a lower weight every week, whether you lose weight, gain weight, or stay the same. This scale will decrement your reported weight by .5 of a pound, or whatever you lost since last time. Again, showing progress keeps the dieter on track
  3. A Sugar Burger: take two things which taste great and put them together. Take a hamburger and coat with brown sugar, then pan fry in butter
  4. An unhealthy vegan burger – but one that tastes awesome. Why do all vegan things have to taste bad and/or be healthy for you. Why not a Vegan Sugar Burger!?
  5. A conditioner exuding hairbrush. Hair in a knot? Hard to style? This hairbrush has leave-in conditioner inside it, and can release it into your hair at the press of a button.

What do you think? Good ideas? 😉

A whole conference devoted to failure, FailCon, may be a first, but it’s looking like a success, with the likes of PayPal co-founder Max Levchin talking about how he failed repeatedly before making billions making the payment platform for the web.

via A Silicon Valley Conference About Failing is Big Success | Epicenter |

Looking for a market to innovate in? Well here you are….

“We’re still at a pretty rudimentary stage,” Garrett said, noting educators rarely employ video, unique links, or other technological innovations.

“Will it be games? Will it be simulations? Will it be social networking? Will it be something we haven’t yet come across?” he said.

via Online education expanding, awaits innovation | Technology | Reuters.

…this year, the limelight will be on the era that is to come — and a movement called Transhumanism, which supports the use of technology to improve the human condition.

via Spotlight – Woodstock – In Film Festival, Woodstock Looks to the Future –

The next phase of human evolution, IMHO, is us using technology we have developed in order to augment ourselves. Why wait for real evolution when we can evolve ourselves right now. We are already cyborgs in some sense anyways…

By 2015 more than 12 billion devices will be capable of connecting to 500 billion hours of TV and video content, says chip giant Intel.

via BBC NEWS | Technology | Future is TV-shaped, says Intel.

A new exhibition at London’s Royal College of Surgeons called “Sci-Fi Surgery: Medical Robots” has displays ranging from the “da Vinci” system to prototype microbots designed to be swallowed and self-assembled in the human body.

via What surgery will look like in the future –

Disruptive innovation is often fraught with unknowns and assumptions. But that doesn’t mean it has to be “risky business.” By utilizing a different type of approach–an approach that systematically attacks the most critical unknowns with tailored, low-cost experiments–innovators can systematically “de-risk” their strategies and thereby increase their chances of success while lowering the associated investment cost.

via Not-So-Risky Business –

You too can forecast the future!

via Futures Thinking: The Basics | Open The Future | Fast Company.

My new home…

suppose design office: house in saijo.